Customer Reviews Stourbridge Debbie Quigley

“On my first lesson I told Kev that I wanted to be passed in two months – he told me with time and work we could make that happen. Kevin always had time, and seemed to genuinely care about the goals I set myself and the outcome of those. He did a fantastic job of finding a teaching style that worked for me; rephrasing the things I didn’t understand and drawing diagrams when I explained I was more of a visual learner. With Kev’s honest and to-the-point feedback throughout each lesson I always knew exactly where I was in my learning process and what I needed to work on and focus more on. With a thorough understanding of cars and having been in the business for many years, there was never a question Kev couldn’t answer. With Kev’s humour and banter I felt at ease and comfortable on each lesson, never worrying that any question was too silly to ask or being too embarrassed when I made mistakes. Kev has a wonderful ability to know when you are ready to be pushed and challenged in something, and when to give you the space you need to process and practise a skill.  Here we are two months after my first driving lesson and I now have my license – a goal I do not think would have been possible without Kev as my instructor. I would recommend this guy to anyone whom is serious and determined to pass their driving test! PS: You have driven past me twice in the last two days and I yelled out load both times ha!” Customer Reviews Stourbridge Debbie Quigley

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