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Mark is the driving school owner and he will be delighted to answer your questions, listen to your requirements and check lesson availability in your particular area.

The Main reason why I Chose iPass Driving School

Customer Reviews Aiveta Aksentyte Kinver

Customer Reviews Aiveta Aksentyte Kinver

“I am more than pleased about going for iPass driving school, as Mark is the best instructor anyone can have. First of all, he is very patient and easy to learn from. I was worried about getting on with my instructor but Mark has always greeted me with a positive attitude that allowed me to relax and focus on improving my driving skills even better. Mark was never late and he never cancelled any appointments. I had a chance to easy adjust my lessons’ times and places; we would start a lesson at my house and finish at my college which was very convenient for me and allowed to save me a lot of time. Also, the way Mark teaches shows that he is a true professional as any little question I had was answered with a lot of details and additional information. If I had to choose a driving instructor again, I would never pick anyone else but Mark as thanks to him, I’m feeling very confident and safe behind the wheel.”

Aiveta Aksentyte Kinver

The Main reason why I Chose iPass Driving School

Customer Reviews Lottie Marie Royall Wolverhampton

Customer Reviews Lottie Marie Royall

“I chose Mark Evans and iPass Driving School because of all the good reviews. Mark is a very good instructor and always helps to improve your driving skills and confidence with driving. I would highly recommend him to anybody as he is kind calm and very professional. Thank you for everything and for helping me through my lessons and for helping me pass my test! Lottie”

Lottie Marie Royall

Success Based Lessons That Deliver.

 Hundreds of Local Test Passes.

The Main reason why I Chose iPass Driving School

Customer Reviews James Oakes Stourbridge

Customer Reviews James Oakes

“I contacted ipass driving school after struggling to fit my lessons around my work and busy life style. My previous instructor was unable to meet my needs. Mark from the start has been nothing but Flexible and accommodating, and in a short space of time has not only been able to give me the confidence that i needed, but has had a no nonsense approach when it comes to lessons. I really feel that each and every lesson that I have had has a purpose and an aim to move me nearer to reaching my license. Mark is a great driving instructor Friendly, Reliable, knowledgeable and has a knack for making you feel at ease. (Highly Recommend)

James Oakes

We are iPass Driving School and we are one of the main suppliers of learning to drive in the West Midlands. We have built a strong and healthy reputation largely through word-of-mouth.

Previous students who have successfully passed their driving test following structured driving lessons with ourselves have been only too willing to passed on our details to friends and family as they recognise the first class service we provide.

We have gratefully obtained business this way for quite some time and we are delighted that our clients are happy with our services. We provide driving instructors offering all kinds of experience.

Our instructors can offer anything from basic learner driver lessons for beginners through to more advanced driving lessons for more experienced drivers. We can also offer the choice of male or female driving instructors.

All our instructors operate in accordance with our own internal procedures and the standard code provided by the governing body in the UK. Our instructors regularly receive further training to further advance their own careers and experience.

This insures that all our instructors are providing the very latest methods when it comes to teaching students to learn to drive. Our school provides detailed and structured driving lessons in accordance with the driving syllabus. Each lesson forms a step-by-step of the driving syllabus itself.

In addition each lesson also has its own structure for example the instructor will quickly recap what has been covered in the last lesson before advising what he or she wants you to do this lesson. That way it acts as a reminder to you both where you are up to.

If the instructor was happy where you left off  last lesson then he or she will continue with a new skill or the next skill or task from the driving syllabus. If not happy then you will be practicing again what you were learning last lesson until such time as you can master it without any errors.

Once the review of the last lesson has taken place then the instructor will quickly detail what he expects the student to master in the current lesson. Once the student has been made aware of what that is & he or she is comfortable with how the manoeuvre will take place the lesson will then commence.

At the end of the lesson the instructor will recap what has been covered in that day’s training to ensure you are perfectly confident you can carry out those skills again with the minimum of error. If you are struggling, you must advise your instructor at that time. Further practice can be arranged for the next lesson.

You should also practice in between your lessons if you have the opportunity to do so. As they say, practice makes perfect. Practice with friends & family if they are suitable people. Further practice in between lessons can only bring down the number of lessons you should need to reach your test date.


Mark Evans, School Owner.