Be Sure To Research Reviews First.



How do we know which instructor is right for us? We have covered a lot of information over this site & some of it should assist us in being able to spot a good driving instructor. Unfortunately most people believe that all instructors are the same. Obviously they are not aware that instructors can have self-improvement training & only a handful do.

What they will be aware of though is who a friend used to teach them to drive. Word of mouth is the absolute number one way of any driving instructor getting work. Most people tell others they know who they learned to drive with & if they don’t we are always asking when it comes to taking lessons ourselves.

With the massive emphasis on Social Media these days we often find people holding conversations with friends or family on the likes of Facebook. It’s never been easier to gauge an opinion from someone else who might be better qualified if they have previously used the services in question.

For example if you know your friend has taken lessons with a particular instructor & has posted on their Facebook profile that their instructor was “brilliantly patient” & that is the sort of person you are looking for, then you could always contact your friend for further details or the instructor’s contact details.

Previous customers opinions are always considered by anyone looking to take on a driving instructor. Another way for word of mouth to be so effective is the Review System. Originally pioneered by the links of Amazon & Ebay, the review system can be found on many, many websites, typically anyone that is offering a product or service for sale.

The review section enables previous customers to give feedback on their own experiences. The reviews can be positive or negative so it is important to understand the point each reviewer is trying to make, particularly if it is a negative comment. Their point might not be valid to most people, or you might not know the whole story, or that person might just have had a bad day when they left the review or when they had the experience they speak of.

It is not a simple matter of back & white & we should take everything as gospel when we read reviews. Always consider other aspects when considering a driving instructor. Elements such as do they work for a school or work as solo? A school is more likely to practice up to date methods. Is the instructor male or female? Does that even matter to me? Is the instructor fully qualified? Does the instructor have his badge displayed in his motor vehicle windscreen? Am I able to book lessons easily enough?

There are many things to consider that a review system or even word of mouth won’t be able to help you because they are personal preferences that you might require that might be irrelevant to other people. At this point it is worth contacting the school or instructor to get the information you need.

Once you have collated the information from the school or instructor themselves & checked the review systems on websites where possible you should then be armed with the information you need to make a choice of instructor. Remember it is you who is learning so don’t be put off by other people once you have their feedback.

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