Driving Tuition.

As demonstrated by an online money saving website, only 26% of learner drivers used fully qualified driving tutors (ADI’s) for all or most of their driving lessons.

The main reason given in the review by more than 2,000 as of late qualified drivers was that the professional driving tutors were simply too expensive, around 46% used friends or family.

It’s inconceivable that people would replace professional instructors with some people who simply have no idea & it might explain why so many learner drivers fail. Less than half all drivers who take their test actually pass.

According to the DVSA the pass rate in the UK stands at 47.2% so it is certainly possible that most of those that use friends & family like in the survey mentioned above, are simply not ready for their test yet.

Driving lessons with an instructor means you will get the best possible service. The correct method or ideal method is to take 10 hours with a professional whilst practising in between with friends & family.

A decent, qualified instructor will have a complete structured series of lessons aimed at getting the student ready for his practical test as quickly possible.

The only way possible to achieve this is by use of a report card. This card details the driving syllabus. The instructor will have the student work through the syllabus from start to finish spread over the course of the student’s lessons.

Each driving lesson will follow a brief recap from what was covered the previous lesson. Then \t the end of the lesson a further recap to enable the instructor to communicate to the student how the lesson had gone. These recaps are meant to be interactive so the student can also comment about their progress & point out if they feel they are struggling with any aspect of the skills they have learned so far.

Many driving lessons are not related to learning new skills but more so needing to refresh other skills & practice some more. If a student is able to practice in between lessons with an appropriate adult, say a friend or family member, then that can reduce the time spent in lesson time with the instructor having to go over skills already covered.

Learner drivers frequently ask how many lessons are they going to need but it is almost impossible to say. We could estimate that according to the DVSA approximately 47 hours is needed of professional lessons plus a further practice time of 20 hours with family & friends but this should only be treated as a guide.

Given that everyone learns to drive at a different pace, some people are obviously going to need more lessons than others. Likewise, some people might need more lessons for something to sink in whereas some might take things in straight away without a second’s thought. The importance is to try to be prepared as best as possible as quickly as possible but at your own pace.

How to gauge quality lessons.

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