What is a Driving School?

There are two types of Business in the Driving Education Industry and they are individual driving instructors working as sole traders & then there is your driving instructor who works under the umbrella of a driving school.

Driving schools will normally take on additional staff to help with the everyday running of the business. Their duties will include answering the phone and scheduling appointments, taking care of all payments, promotion & more.

Once these tasks are taken care of then the instructor is then left to handle the driving lessons side of things without the need for further interruption. Driving instructors working alone will not have this luxury as they have mountains of admin to take care of amongst other tasks. A solo instructor has to do everything for him or herself.

As the driving school instructor has more time for actually teaching someone to drive he or she will also have more time for further development. What this entails is further training at regular periods after they have successfully taken their final exams to ensure they are equipped with the very latest methods & techniques.

At present there is no legal requirement by the DVSA to take any further training once you have passed your final exams as an instructor. What this means is many instructors are simply teaching out of date methods to their students. Many driving schools are above this as they have their instructors taking further development regularly.

Those that do take further training will be considered as the best instructors as they have all the latest methods in their arsenal to give their students the best possible chance of passing their practical driving test. Driving schools also have their own internal day to day procedures which driving instructors working under their umbrella will need to abide by & work to.

Aside from these undeniable contrasts, a driving school is also in a better position to offer a more varied service. They can also offer male or female drivers. They could offer a smaller or bigger car or type of car to learn in. They can also offer refresher course for foreign students who might have relocated to the UK. There is so much more they can offer just because they have pooled their resources together to improve on the quality of service & range of services provided.

A look at the school’s website will demonstrate how much more popular they are. Read through the comments left in the Review Section & you can see how pleased previous students were with their range of services, professionalism & a whole host more reasons.

Driving Instructors explained.

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